Reflection: You make me proud

Take time to reflect. Turn  your focus inward and bring all of the memories you’ve created this year to the conscious mind.

Experience and appreciate the moments of gratitude, joy, happiness, and fulfillment.

Reflect on the relationships you value most.. How can you cultivate those relationships to reach an optimal level of connection?

Reflect on what went well this year. even if 100 great things happen, if one negative event occurs, as humans we have a tendency to fixate on that one negative event.

Be proud of your accomplishments and successes. CHOOSE To fixate on the GOOD in your life. CHOOSE to focus on the HERE and NOW.

If life doesn’t unfold as expected let that be an opportunity for growth and development. Don’t let a hole in the road trip you. Fill the hole, walk around the hole, jump over the hole, build a bridge over the hole. There are so many ways to face your challenges head on and reach your goals.

ALWAYS know.

Mistakes do not exist if you learn from them.

Failures do not exist if you never stop trying.

Love is eternal if you choose to love every day unconditionally.

Create a reflection that inspires you.

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